Sunday, 7 February 2010

What's In A Name

Hi Everyone,
This is the first blog that I have ever written so I'm feeling a little nervous.

As I come from Ludlow and I am a quilter, a good place to start seemed to be the Ludlow's Favourite quilt block.  Pause for blank looks.  You probably know it as Churn Dash, Broken Plate, Old Mill Design, Picture Frame or Puss in the Corner to name but a few.

All quilt blocks seem to go under many, many different names:  sometimes they are exactly the same as each other, sometimes they vary only in colour.

Change some of the pieces round a little or use different colours and you have Sherman's March.

All of which made me think about names in general.  When the children were small, we lived in a house in the middle of nowhere (as we described it), although it was actually in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  And it truly was beautiful there.  We decided to keep some animals to make use of the land - and to keep the weeds down.  If possible, we allowed the children to name the animals and it actually tells the tale of their growing up.

Our first 2 sheep were named Annie and Clarabel after the carriages in Thomas the Tank Engine.  They were named by the boys.  My daughter Samanths named the next year's lambs so they were Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail after the Beatrix Potter stories.

Then as time passed by they began to be named things like Clemons, after Mike Clemons the rugby player.  My children were growing up!

On the subject of sheep, I can remember reading an article about Dolly the cloned sheep where the reporter said she was unusually human-friendly.  Any sheep that has regular contact with humans becomes human-friendly.  Mine would shriek with delight if they saw me come out the house and dash over to the fence so that I could rub their chests or tickle behind their ears.

Truffle the dog was actually named something like Toffee, but his name became warped by children trying to talk while their milk teeth were falling out, causing a certain amount of lisping. He comes running to the sound of food or 'walkies', so it doesn't actually matter what his name is.

But that's taken me off the subject of quilting - my obsession.  I'm just starting a shoofly quilt which is yet another variation of the Ludlow's Favourite quilt block.

I'll add posts to this blog along the way as I get more of the quilt completed.

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