Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Quilting Thoughts

I know it's the morning after Christmas, but my quilting compliments of the season to all.  After a long absence I am determined to keep up to date on my blog from now on.

Christmas was a wonderful mad progression of eating, giving and receiving presents, eating, contacting loved ones with festive greeting.  Oh, and did I mention a certain amount of eating took place?

My sewing machine was necessarily banished for the duration of the holiday - I didn't want to risk it being knocked over or having wine spilled on it, and there wasn't room for it anyway.  I have left myself loads of hand quilting and hand sewing to be finished off so when I need to relax there will be plenty for me to do.

The first priority (Christmas morning before the children woke up) was to finish some quilted place mats that I had made for my daughter Samantha.  She is on an exchange year at the University of Arizona, so when she asked for some quilted place mats for her apartment in Tucson I was thrilled to find that there is a quilt block called Arizona.  It's not a difficult quilt block, just a bitt fiddly with all those triangles but I thought it made into an eyecatching quilted place mat.  Full details of how to sew the quilt block on Arizona block.

Now that they are finished I think my next task is to return to the scalloped edge quilt that I have been making.  I had a request through my website for instructions for scalloped edge quilt binding and I am thrilled with what a distinctive look it gives to the quilt.  Naturally, it takes a lot longer to do than normal quilt binding, but it's very well worth it if you want your quilt to look that bit different.
You can see the general outline of how it's going to look and I'll post some photos of the finished quilt as soon as it is a finished quilt.

Do you know, one thing that strikes me every Christmas is the difference in the timing of the day as the children have grown older.  They are all in their twenties now and would be horrified to know that I am still calling them 'children', but there was a time when they would wake me up at some time in the middle of the night with their yells of excitement.  Nowadays they struggle to get up in time for Christmas lunch, so I have plenty of time for quilting in the quiet of the morning.

Thanks for calling by my blog.  I'll be back soon with some quilting ideas.

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