Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Simple Baby Quilt Pattern

If you're new to quilting, baby quilts are a wonderful way to begin quilting. Baby quilts are small enough for you not to get discouraged or overwhelmed by the size of the quilting project and there's usually a time limit on finishing the baby quilt - such as wishing to finish it before the baby grows up!
So far, so good for the post Christmas period .... the snow is starting to disappear, we have paid a short visit to the shops to take a look at the sales - and the turkey is nearly finished.  Freezers are wonderful machines.  I can remember when I was a child having turkey in various forms every day for nearly a week in order to finish it up.  We always over catered in our house!
The children have begun to return to their homes so I think that I can now safely bring out the sewing machine and return to my passion - quilting.  A simple baby quilt seems a good way to begin.

This baby quilt pattern is simple to make and can be made in pink or blue if the baby has already been born or in some yellow/green combination if the baby hasn't arrived yet.  It finishes about 33" square and I used five different fabrics from my stash.  It takes about 1/2 yard of each of four fabrics and a yard of a fifth fabric for backing the baby quilt.

From the butterfly fabric I cut nine 6.1/2" squares.  the easiest way to do this is to cut two 6.1/2" strips across the width of the fabric and then cut these strips into 6.1/2" squares.  From the flowered fabric cut two 4.1/2" strips across the width of the fabric.  There are two different blues to edge the squares, so I cut three 1.1/2" strips from each of these edging fabrics.

In the yellow fabric I cut six 6.7/8" squares and cut down the diagonal to make 2 triangles from each square.  These will form the edging to the baby quilt top.

For the corners of the baby quilt top, one 7.1/2" square cut along both diagonals to make four triangles is needed.

With right sides together and using a 1/4" seam, sew a dark blue 1.1/2" strips to a flower strip along the length and sew a light blue strip to the other side of the strip.

Cut this strip into 4.1/2" lengths.  You will need 12 of these.  I prefer to fold the blue strips in and cut before pressing, but some quilters prefer to press the strip open first and then cut.  Personal preference.

Your patchwork pieces should now measure 4.1/2" by 6.1/2".  Sew a 6.1/2" blue strip to each side so that you have 6.1/2" squares.  Press the seams flat.

 Sew one of the smaller triangles to the top of a flower square and a larger triangle to each side.  check the photo carefully to make sure that you have the triangles the right way round.  The longest edge of the triangle faces out but that still gives you a choice of two edges to sew! 

This will be the top left corner of your patchwork baby quilt.

The next row of the baby quilt consists of a butterfly square with a flower square each side and a triangle at each end.  when sewing the rows together, it is best to pin at each seam so that you can ease the fabric to make sure that the patchwork squares line up with each other and that the seam allowances face in different directions to reduce bulk.

the third row is made up of five squares (three flower and 2 butterfly alternating) and a triangle at each end.
The fourth row is the halfway row.  It is made up of seven squares (four flower and three butterfly) but the triangles at both ends are the small corner ones.

the fifth row is where you start reducing in size to go down the right hand side of the baby quilt top.  It is made of five squares (three flower and two butterfly) but the triangles are now facing in the other direction.  Check the photo carefully to make sure that you have the triangle positioned correctly.

The sixth row is three squares and two triangles and the seventh row is one square and two triangles with a corner triangle sewn across the remaining edge of the square.
That's the patchwork quilt top complete for your baby quilt.

Layer the backing fabric, wadding (natural not synthetic as this is for a baby quilt) and the patchwork quilt top.  Quilt and bind.  Full details of binding a quilt can be found on baby quilt binding.

In the interests of speed, I just quilted around the squares (known as stitch in the ditch) to hold the baby quilt layers together.  Naturally this quilt could be made in a variety of pinks for a baby quilt or in totally different colours to make a lap quilt.  It's a great pattern to introduce you to quilts and quilting - just remember that quilting very quickly becomes addictive!

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