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Quilted Oven Gloves Free Pattern

These quilted oven gloves are a welcome addition to any kitchen and very useful as a practical gift to a friend.  When you make your own quilted accessories for the kitchen you can choose the exact colour or pattern that suits your kitchen and have a unique set of kitchen accessories.

To make them you will need:
2 rectangles of fabric 17" by 9" (these will even take big hands - for when your partner is helping with the cooking!)
6 squares of fabric 9" by 9" (2 of these can be a backing fabric if you wish - I used black)
2 squares of thermal wadding 9" by 9"
2 squares of normal wadding 9" by 9"
2.1/2" strips of contrasting colour for binding - total requirement about 108"
5" strip of contrasting fabric 1.1/2" wide for the loop

Lay one rectangle with right side down.  At each end, lay one square of thermal wadding then one square of normal wadding.  Lay the second rectangle with right side up.  Square up the edges and pin.  Lay two of the remaining fabric squares right side down and lay the last two fabric squares on top of them with right side up.  You should now have one pile of rectangles (with wadding) for the front of the quilted oven gloves and two sets of paired squares for the back of the gloves.

Quilt each set of fabric to hold all the layers together.  Starting from the centre, I stitched lines along the length of the rectangles and then stitched at an angle across the width to make diamond shapes - I'm sure you will be more imaginative than I was.

Cut two 9" lengths of binding (the 2.1/2" strip), fold in half along the length and press.  Place along one edge of each of the squares with the fold towards the mniddle and all raw edges together.  Sew in place then flip to the other side and hand stitch in place.  these squares will cover the back of your hands when you are using the quilted oven gloves.

Place the squares on top of each end of the rectangles with the binding towards the middle as shown.  Using a plate or something else round, mark a curve at the corners and cut the corners off to create a mitten shape.

Using the 5" strip of 1.1/2" fabric, fold the raw edges in towards the middle and then fold the whole strip in half along the length.  Stitch along the length.  This is the loop from which to hang the oven gloves.

Place the two ends of the loop in line with the raw edge of the side of the quilted oven gloves.  Choose a place in the centre between the two handpieces as this is where the oven gloves will hang from.  Pin in place.

Press the 2.1/2" strip of the binding in half along its length.  If necessary join two strips together to give the overall length required (about 90").  Place this strip around the entire outer edge of the quilted oven gloves, with the fold towards the middle and all raw edges together.  Leaving a few inches trailing end so that you can join the beginning and end of the binding neatly, sew in place.  Take it gently round the curves and ease the fabric to give a smooth curve.  Don't worry if the binding appears a little wavy on the curves:  the slack will be taken up when you flip the binding and slipstitch it to the other side.  Make sure the binding passes over the loop - oven glove, loop, binding.  That way the raw edges of the loop will be protected inside the binding.  When you get back to where you began the binding, turn under a small hem in one of the ends and tuck the other end inside the fold of that end.  Sew in place across the gap.  Flip the binding to the other side and slipstitch in place.

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