Monday, 17 January 2011

Quilted Wall Hangings - 3 Ways To Hang Them

It was pointed out to me the other day that I have given patterns for quilted wall hangings but have never given ideas for how to hang them, so here goes ...

The first and most simple method of hanging quilted wall hangings that I use is to sew a few curtain rings to the binding at the top of the quilt.  the ones that I have used here have a loop on them and I sewed the loop to the quilt binding.  If they don't have a loop, just sew the curtain ring itself to the wall hanging.  Then pass a length of dowel (circular wooden pole) through the loops and hang the quilt up.  I've used 1/2" dowel, but you may need a bigger size for a heavier wall hanging.  Most shops sell these curtain rings in a variety of sizes and different metals.

The second method that I use to hang quilted wall hangings is similar to the above but using fabric loops instead.  For this one I used four loops made from 6" by 3" strips of fabric.  turn under a small hem along each 3" edge and fold the strip in half with the 6" edges together.  Sew along that 6" edge close to the edge to make a tube.  Turn the tube right side out.

Press flat and sew the tube to the quilted wall hanging.  I usually sew one side to the binding on the back and the other side to the binding on the front.

Pass a length of dowel through the loops and your quilted wall hanging is ready to hang.

The third method that I use to hang quilted wall hangings is just a mini version of the method generally used to hang full sized quilts.  Cut a strip of fabric 3" wide by a couple of inches less than the width of the quilted wall hanging.  Turn under a small hem on each 3" edge.

Turn under a small hem along each 6" edge and fold the strip in half along the 6" edge with wrong sides together.  Stitch along the 6" edge to make a tube.  I have tried making this with right sides together and turning the tube right side out, but I found that it took too much time and patience, which is why I do it this way now with the seam showing.

Slipstitch the tube across the back of the quilted wall hanging, sewing along the top of the tube first.  Make sure that your stitches only catch the backing and wadding and don't go through to the quilt top.  Sew the top edge of the tube first.  Before sewing the bottom of the tube in place, squeeze the tube between your fingers so that when you sew the edge there will be a slight bulge in the front of the tube.  this means that when you hang the wall hanging, the dowel will press out towards the wall rather than in towards the quilt.

Slip the dowel into the fabric tube.  You can either hang the dowel on a picture hook as on the left, or attach cord to either end of the dowel and hang it as shown on the right.

Here are the three methods of hanging quilted wall hangings on video:

I hope that's given you some ideas for hanging your own quilted wall hangings.

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