Monday, 10 January 2011

Ribbon Quilted Baby Quilt

Yesterday I took my daughter Samantha to the airport for her flight back to Arizona.  She's doing an exchange year in Tucson.  It took me three hours to get to Heathrow, compared with the twelve hours that it took when I fetched her from the airport in the snow in December.  Quite an improvement!  Still tiring, though, so I decided to make something simple and quick just to relax myself and decided on a ribbon quilted baby quilt.

Ribbon quilting can really add something extra to your quilt - particularly a baby quilt and it's very easy to sew.

I made this girl baby ribbon quilt using a 30" square of pink fabric.  the wadding and backing fabric were 32" square and I used nearly 10 yards of ribbon.  You do need to choose a ribbon that you can sew a zigzag on without ruining either the texture or the pattern of the ribbon.  Velvet ribbon would not be suitable and neither would a ribbon with pictures in the design.

Lay the backing fabric right side down.  Of course another advantage of a small quilt like this is that you can cut the backing fabric from one width of fabric so there is no piecing to do.  Smooth gently and lay the wadding on top.  Smooth gently and lay the quilt top with right side up.  Pin or baste the layers together.

Beginning in one corner, mark a line along the diagonal to the opposite corner.  Move your ruler across 6" and mark another line running parallel with the first line.  Keep adding lines till you reach the other corner.  Then go back to your central line and mark parallel lines at 6" intervals on the other side of the diagonal.

Mark a line from corner to corner along the second diagonal and mark parallel lines at 6" intervals either side to make a cross hatch design.

For this baby quilt tutorial I used 6" gaps between the ribbons, but you may prefer to have the ribbons closer together.

Return to the first line that you marked along the diagonal and set your sewing machine to zigzag.  Place the end of the ribbon on the corner of the quilt with the rest of the ribbon running towards you along the diagonal.  Sew in place along the line.  Repeat with the lines on either side of this diagonal.

Sew all the ribbon lines going in one direction and then sew the ribbon along the second diagonal.  You can see the cross hatch pattern on the back of the quilt in the photo.

I have used alternate lines of white ribbon and then pink gingham ribbon, but you may prefer to use only one colour - or lots more colours!

When you have sewn ribbon along all the marked lines, trim the excess wadding and backing fabric and bind the baby quilt. 

This is a really easy method of quilting.  I'm sure that it was made easier in this case because I used a square of one fabric so there were no seams to sew over, but sewing along the ribbon rather than the quilt fabric means that you are less likely to get any puckering of the fabric.

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