Saturday, 22 January 2011

Simple Patchwork Cushion Cover

This cushion cover is the simplest form to make with an envelope style backing.  More complicated styles with zips and things can wait for another time.

The front of the cushion cover is made entirely from 2.1/2" squares.  There are nine rows and nine columns making an 18" square.

I used five dark blue squares, sixteen yellow squares, sixteen pink squares, twelve white squares, fourteen light blue squares, sixteen red squares.  The design is loosely based on an Amish design called Sunshine and shadow.  You will also need an 18.1/2" wide strip of fabric for the patchwork panel backing and the cushion cover backing.

Normally I would recommend starting at the top lefthand corner, sewing each row together and then sewing the rows together, but in this case I felt safer starting with the middle row and sewing the rows above and below it.  Check the photo and sew the squares together with right sides together and using a 1/4" seam.  It would be possible to sew two strips together, for example the pale blue and white fabrics, and then cut 2.1/2" strips from the double strip, but I am trying to keep this as simple as possible for now.

Press each row with all the seams facing in one direction and then check when sewing the rows together that the seams of one row face in the opposite direction to the seams of the other row.  This makes your seams less bulky.  Pin each seam before sewing the rows together.  That way you can keep the seams facing the way you want them to and also keep each square in line with the ones above or below it.

For the backing, take the 18.1/2" strip and cut one length of 18.1/2" to make a square for the patchwork panel backing.  Cut the remaining length in half to give two pieces approximately 18.1/2" by 12" for the cushion cover backing.

Sew the square piece to the back of the patchwork panel.  I used a few straight lines running along the seams of the patchwork.  For a more complex design you could quilt it with a design to suit.

Now take the two remaining pieces of backing and along one of the long edges of each one turn under a small hem then turn under again so that the raw edge is completely protected.  Stitch close to the edge.  I have used white thread so that it will show up on the photo.  With right sides together, place one of the panels across the lower half of the patchwork panel with the hemmed edge across the middle.

Place the other panel across the top of the patchwork panel, overlapping the bottom panel by about 6".  This will create the envelope section for you to insert the cushion pad. 

Sew right round the perimeter of the panel, turn the cushion cover right side out through the opening in the middle, gently push the corners out and insert cushion pad.

Having mastered the basics of making a cushion cover, you can repeat the process using any design you choose for the patchwork panel.  This one was made using three strips of 2.1/2" fabric sewn together and then cut into lengths - two lengths of 18.1/2" and three lengths of 6.1/2".  There is an 18.1/2" length running down each side and the centre panel is made of three 6.1/2" lengths sewn together lengthwise.  You will need two 2.1/2" strips of each fabric cut across the width.

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