Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Stipple Quilted Cushion cover

On a recent trip to London I visited the gorgeous Liberty store.  What a beautiful building - and the goods inside are pretty special, too!  I bought some really gorgeous shell fabric from their V and A range and I decided to make a cushion cover with it.  The quilt block pattern that I used is called flyfoot and I teamed the Liberty shell fabric with a sea fabric for the background.

To make an 18" cushion cover you will need eight 4.7/8" squares each of two different fabrics cut along the diagonal to make triangles.  You will also need 70" of 1.1/2" strip for the border, wadding and backing for the cushion front and two panels 18.1/2" by 14" for the cushion back.

With right sides together and using a 1/4" seam, sew a blue triangle to a brown triangle along the long edge to make a square.  Repeat with all the triangles to make sixteen patchwork squares.

Lay the squares out as shown and sew them together in pairs.

Sew two pairs of patchwork squares together across the rows.  Row 1 is on the left, row 2 on the right.

Row 3 on the left, row 4 on the right.

Then sew all the rows together, working from row 1 down.

Your flyfoot patchwork square should now measure about 16.1/2".  In order to frame the pattern and to make it into an 18" cushion cover, sew a 1.1/2" strip of the brown fabric across the top and bottom (16.1/2") and then down each side (18.1/2").

Lay the backing fabric right side down, smooth and lay the wadding on top, then the flyfoot patchwork cover on top of this.  I pinned only on the brown fabric and then stripple quilted the blue to showcase the brown.  For details click on stipple quilting.

To make the cushion back, fold under and sew a small hem on one of the long edges of each piece of the cushion back fabric.  Lay the first piece on the front of the stipple quilted cushion panel with right sides together and the bottom edges matched.  This will leave about 4" of the cushion panel not covered.

Lay the other piece of cushion back on top with right side down and the top edges matched.  This will give you about 5" overlap which will make the envelope to put the cushion pad in when you are finished.

Sew all round the outside of the square, taking care that you are catching all the layers of fabric.

Trim the corners, turn the cushion cover right side out through the envelope opening at the back and insert a cushion pad.  Your flyfoot stipple quilted cushion is complete.

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