Monday, 7 February 2011

Fabric Hunting in London

Oh what a weekend!  I needed to go to London on Saturday for a service at Southwark Cathedral so I decided that I would arrive bright and early so that I could visit the Designer Guild store.  I was looking for a very special gift for a friend and was sure that I would find some delightful fabric there.

From Euston I decided to walk to Euston Square station so that I would be on the right line for the area that I wanted.  The station was shut.  I walked to the next station, buzzed myself through to the platforms and found that several of the underground lines were shut for maintenance.  Took a train to what I thought was the right stop and asked for directions.  Took a train back two stops to where I should have alighted.

Asked directions and caught a bus.  Asked directions and walked what felt like miles.  Asked directions and walked what felt like further miles.  Arrived at the Designer Guild shop - it's shut on Saturdays!!  That was most of my morning gone, so I realised that I would have to start heading for Southwark Cathedral without having bought any fabric, designer or otherwise.

By a combination of bux and taxi I arrived at the Cathedral with a few minutes to spare so I ran through the market to the cathedral - and was informed by a very embarrassed lady that the back of my skirt was caught up in my tights. 

I don't know how that had happened but I do know that in future I shall buy my quilting fabric from local stores or the internet!

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I'm going to stick to quilting next week.

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