Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Quilting In An Empty Nest

When my daughter Samantha, the youngest of my offspring, left home to go to university I was reliably informed that I would suffer from empty nest syndrome.  I was told many times that I would mope around the house feeling depressed.  I was warned that I would go into her bedroom and daydream.

Well, actually  .... no.  For the first time in 30 years I had nobody else to look after, could be totally selfish and loved every minute of it!.  When I went into one of the empty bedrooms my thoughts usually turned to how much extra fabric I could store in that room.

I quilted and I quilted and I quilted some more.  I launched a quilting website and began to run my own online quilting business.  Sometimes I came up for breath and fed myself - bread and cheese is so much quicker to prepare than the nutritious meals that I always tried to give the children.

When I was halfway through a project (and when wasn't I?) I could leave the quilt blocks spread out across the table and not have to pack everything away and then try and remember which quilt blocks went where next time I returned to the project.

Yes, of course I miss the children, but they keep in touch and it is wonderful to hear about their lives now, so very different from my own.   And now I must get back to the thirty or so not quite finished quilts spread out in their bedrooms ...
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