Friday, 17 June 2011

Finishing quilts

It looks like another British summer day today (rain and then a bit more rain) so I've decided to have a finishing off day.  I'm sure most people now are familiar with UFO meaning un finished object, but I came across one that I hadn't heard before the other day:  PFP meaning part finished project.  I think that I have plenty of those.

I made this rail fence quilt a few months ago.  It's only a small quilt (about 40" square) but I still haven't layered and quilted it.  Then I have to add the
quilt binding.  Might be a nice project to begin with as it's small enough for me to have some chance of completing it.

I've also had an order for a few more egg cosies (I didn't think that I would get any more orders for these until next Easter) and again that's a small enough project to make some progress on fairly quickly.

This is the major one that I really need to finish off so that I can write the tutorial for it, but I seem to manage to find all sorts of displacement activities to do whenever I think about it.  Yesterday my daughter Samantha and I took the dog for a walk in the forest (in between rain showers) and it took forever because Truffle is so ancient that he can only walk slowly.  It made a great displacement activity that also carried a feel good factor.

And this quilt should be top of my list of priorities to finish off.  This is the quilt that I have been making for the Beginner Quilting series of articles on my website but I still haven't added the quilt binding.  Who knows, if we have enough rain today I may even manage to do some work on it.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I hope to see you again soon.

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