Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Colour in Quilts

Every now and again it's fun to get out of our comfort zone and try something new in quilting:  it might be a new design or a new method of quilting or simply a new choice of colours.

When I made the quilt shown using the Balkan Puzzle quilt block, I decided to use some colours that I don't think I have used before in a quilt.  I was really pleased with the result.

It ended up as quite an eyecatching quilt with plenty of interest for the eye through the secondary designs that appeared.  It was really simple to make, mainly using 3.1/2" strips of fabric cut into squares and then sewn to other squares to make half square triangle blocks.  The full tutorial is available on balkan puzzle quilt pattern.

I was reminded of this by the quilt that I have been working on this week, because the choice of fabric colour made such a difference to the design.

I began using a light brown fabric for part of the design and somehow the only part of the quilt block that really stood out to me was the pinwheel in the middle.  That wasn't what I had intended at all, so I tried it again with a much darker brown.

I was pleased at how much it changed the quilt block.  The pinwheel is now much less dominant and the secondary designs are going to show up much better when the quilt blocks are put together.

I think that's also answered my vague thoughts about whether I would use sashing:  it would be a shame to break up those designs.  I'll just have to be inventive and make a bigger border if I need to make the quilt a bit larger.

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