Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Quarter Square Triangles Quilts

The first time that I used quarter square triangles in a quilt I ended up with loads of them left over to add to my stash because I hadn't realised that half of them would be mirror images.  Sometimes that can be part of the design, but that wasn't the case for that particular design.  Oh well, back to the drawing board ....   That was why when I posted this simple design for a
quarter square triangles quilt to my website I also included examples of quarter square triangles using different combinations of half squares and plain squares, just so that all the options would be together in one place.

Quarter square triangle units can most easily be made by laying two half square units face to face, drawing a line along the diagonal, sewing a seam 1/4" either side of the marked line and cutting along the marked line.  This gives two quarter square triangle units which are exactly the same as each other.

But if you sew a half square triangle unit to a plain square of fabric, you get two quarter square triangle units which are mirror images of each other.  Sometimes that's exactly what you need for your quilt design, but sometimes it isn't!

The quarter square triangle unit that can look really impressive is made by sewing together two half square triangle units made from four different fabrics.  The resulting quarter square triangle units are not the same as each other although they are both made up of all four of the fabrics.  These can make your quilt design look really intricate when in fact the units have been relatively simple to make - but of course you don't tell non quilters that when they comment!

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