Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Arizona Quilt Block

While my daughter Samantha was on an exchange year in Arizona she asked me for some place mats to use in her apartment. When I looked in my pattern books and found a quilt block called Arizona it seemed the obvious choice. This is another of those quilt blocks that looks quite complex, but if you break it down into its constituent parts it is not difficult. Fiddly, but not difficult.
I made these place mats in white and purple which are her colours and not the usual colours for the Arizona quilt block! 

To make this quilt block you will need in the white fabric:
ten 2.3/4" squares
four 2.1/2" squares
four 2.1/2" by 4.1/2" strips.

In the alternate colour you will need:
ten 2.3/4" squares
one 4.1/2" square.

The finished size of the Arizona quilt block is 12" square.

Place each white 2.3/4" square against a purple 2.3/4" square with right sides together. Mark a line along the diagonal and sew a seam 1/4" either side of the marked line. Cut along the marked line and you will have two squares both half and half white and purple.

The top and bottom rows are both made using a white 2.1/2" square at each end and four of the combined squares placed as shown with the purple triangles in two pairs facing different ways.

The second and fourth rows of the Arizona quilt block are made with a 4.1/2" white strip in the middle and a pair of combined squares on either side. Check the photo carefully to see which way to place the combined squares.

The third row, the middle of the Arizona quilt block, is made with the 4.1/2" square in the centre, one 4.1/2" strip on either side and then two combined squares at each end. To sew this row you need to sew the pair of combined squares at each end together first. Notice that the squares are sewn together so that the white triangles meet to form one large white triangle. Then sew these combined squares to the white strips and finally sew each side to the central square.

It just remains to sew the rows of the Arizona quilt block together. The easiest way is to sew the first and second rows together and the fourth and fifth rows together and then sew these both to the third row.

I know this sounds odd, but I actually find it easier to sew together rows with lots of patches like in this Arizona quilt block, because you have to match the seams all the way across so any slight discrepancies in size are eased out gradually across the row.

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