Sunday, 28 August 2011

Diamond Quilt Borders Using Squares

I've often looked enviously at other quilters' diamond quilt borders but I always felt that I couldn't be doing with all those triangles - bound to be lots of inset seams with all the frustrations that they always cause me.  As with most things in quilting, when I actually came to try my own diamond quilt border it was really quite simple.

For this particular quilt I used 4.1/2" green squares, 4.7/8" light squares cut once on the diagonal to make half square triangles, and 5.1/4" light squares cut along both diagonals to make quarter square triangles.

The basic unit for the diamond quilt border is a square with a half square triangle on either side as shown.  Note that they are attached with the right angle corner at the bottom on the right hand side and with the right angle corner at the top on the left hand side.  Two of these sewn together begin to make the diamond border pattern as shown on the right.  Sew them together with a triangle joined to a square, making sure that the points of the diamond are matched.

So far, so good.  Now I needed to figure out how to join two strips at the corner - without using any inset seams, since that was my challenge to myself.  For the diamond border strip going up the right hand edge of the quilt, sew a quarter square triangle on the left as shown with the right angle of the triangle on the top left.

The diamond border strip along the top of the quilt is just several of the basic units sewn together.  Place this strip so that the half square triangle goes beyond the corner of the quilt to match the quarter square triangle and sew in place.  This gives a straight edge across the diagonal of the corner.

The corner unit is made of a green square with a half square triangle on either side and a quarter square triangle on top.  The half square triangles are placed differently from the way that they are in the basic diamond border units, so do check the photo.  Another border strip of the same colour as the squares sets off the diamonds quite well.

I haven't given any measurements for the lengths of the diamond border strips because that depends on the quilt size, but it is obviously quite important to have the strip exactly the right length to give a neat corner.  The length of the diamond border can be adjusted to fit either by changing the size of the squares and triangles or by varying the width of the fabric strips either side of the diamond strip.

I'm so pleased that I managed the diamond quilt border without any inset triangles that I now feel that I can consider using it within a quilt as sashing or a frame or something.

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