Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mitred Corners for Quilt Borders

I'm often asked for instructions on how to mitre quilt corners.  This often leads to confusion because mitring the corners of a quilt border is obviously a very different process from mitring the corner of a quilt binding.  So just for the record I'm going to give my thoughts here on mitring quilt borders.  This obviously applies to mitring cushion corners as well.

The simplest method for quilt corners - which doesn't involve mitring - is just to put a strip of fabric across the top and bottom of the quilt top and then a longer strip with or without a corner square down each side of the quilt top.  This provides a frame for the quilt top and I use this method for the majority of my quilts.

Every now and then, though, it's good to mitre the quilt corner and give a different look to the quilt top.  Cut the quilt border strips to the length of the quilt edge plus twice the width of the border.  Find the middle of both the border strip and the quilt top and pin the border strip to the top edge of the quilt with the same length of fabric over at each end.

Sew a 1/4" seam, starting and stopping 1/4" from the beginning and end.
Do the same with the border strip along the next edge, so that the two ends of border strip overlap each other.

Fold the quilt top in half along the diagonal so that the two border strips are in line with each other.  Lay your ruler in line with the quilt top edge and mark a line where it crosses the border strip.  Sew a seam from the last stitch joining the border strip to the quilt across the marked line.

Snip the excess triangle of fabric (two layers).  Open out the quilt top and you will have a neatly mitred corner to your quilt border.

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