Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Some weeks seem to be so much shorter than others - or do I just mean that some weeks I get less work done than others!  Wonderful day in London last week to have lunch with my dear friend June Malone, a very talented illustrator, another day spent shopping with my daughter for her forthcoming holiday and suddenly the week was over.

While in London I couldn't resist a quick trip to Liberty London where I managed to pick up some remnants. I don't remember ever seeing remnants for sale there, so I'm pleased that I have found that out.  I have an idea for a Liberty quilt with liberal sprinklings of white silk to set off the patterns.

I adore silk but didn't know much about it until recently.  I knew it came from silkworms but not a lot more than that.  So here goes:

  • Cultivating silkworms for silk production is known as sericulture.
  • The process began about 4,600 years ago in China.
  • The Chinese goddess of silk is Xi Ling She.
  • Dupion silk is made from threads fom two silkworms spinning cocoons very close together.
  • Dupion means double.
  • Wild silk is harvested from free silkworms which have fed from lots of trees other than just mulberry.

Back to my cotton quilting fabric and one of the things that always rather worries me is the size of my fabric stash.  I try to use as much leftover fabric as possible in my quilt borders but still my stash grows ......

So I was quite pleased to be asked for a crumb quilt tutorial.  I've had great fun making it not only because I have reduced my stash but also because it was quite a trip down memory lane, seeing scraps from so many quilting projects.

The crumb quilt is almost finished now so I hope to have the tutorial on the website within the next few days.  I read somewhere that September is National Sewing Month in America, but I'm not sure that I could spend any more time sewing than I am at the moment.

Thanks for calling by my blog.  Hope to see you again soon.

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