Sunday, 18 September 2011

Piano Key Quilt Borders

Another week flown by.  My daughter Samantha has returned from her trip to Mexico and Guatemala looking very happy and healthy.  I've had great fun looking at her photos and hearing about her experiences.  So I didn't really have the time to spend all morning deciding on a quilt cornerstone, but that's exactly what I did.

Do you find that sometimes you get to the end of a morning's quilting and wonder how you managed to spend so much time on such a relatively minor part of the quilt such as the quilt border?  I did that the other day trying to decide on a cornerstone for a quilt with a piano key border.

I had used four colours in the quilt so to make the piano key border I cut 1.1/2" strips of fabric in all four fabrics and sewed the strips together along the length.  I pressed all the seams in the same direction to make life easy and then cut the strips into 4.1/2" squares.

Sewing these squares together to give strips the length and width of the quilt was the easy part:  deciding on the quilt corner was the sticking point!

I tried using just the piano key strips just butted up against each other, but that didn't look particularly pretty.

The next most easy option would have been a plain fabric square in the corner.  Verdict:  slightly better but still not giving the feel that I wanted.

I cut out 2.1/2" squares of all four fabrics and sewed them together as a four patch unit for the quilt corner.  Trying the four patch rotated still didn't give me the design that I was looking for, so I decided to have one last attempt at finding a suitable corner for my piano key border.

I used a half log cabin design, beginning with a 1.1/2" square of purple fabric and then adding 1.1/2" strips of the other three fabrics on two sides only so that the purple square remained in the corner of the quilt block.

That's the one!  I like that as a cornerstone for the piano keys quilt border.  Now, which way round shall I place the log cabin cornerstone ...........?

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Hope to see you again soon.


Lynne said...

Definitely with the purple square to the outside - white to last piano key. I think this works best.

Anonymous said...

Did you decide on this yet? I think a string quilt block using the piano key colours could be goo.

ludlowquiltandsew said...

Yes, I think I like the purple square to the outside, but I'll certainly remember the string quilt block idea for another time.