Sunday, 11 September 2011

Vermont Quilt Block

What a delightful quilt block!  Do you ever come across quilt blocks that are so pretty that you just want to make one?  I feel that I can always think about how to use it later.  In this particular case four of them combined would make a stunning lap quilt, but I used up all of one of the fabrics from my stash so I'll have to think carefully about how I could add to it using quilt blocks made with different fabrics.

The fundamental building block of the Vermont quilt block is a half square triangle unit.  This is made by placing two squares of fabric with right sides together and marking a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4" seam either side of the marked line and cut along the marked line.  Result - two squares each made up of a triangle of each of the fabrics.  It's the way that I find easiest to make half square triangle units because you don't have to worry about the fabric stretching as you sew along the diagonal.

The quilt block that I made is around 23" square and I made it using  4" finished size squares.  The total fabric requirements are: 
purple fabric:  two 8.7/8" squares cut along the diagonal to make four triangles
                      seven 4.7/8" squares
white fabric:    six 4.7/8" squares
dark blue:        four 4.7/8" squares
light blue:         seven 4.7/8" squares

After I had finished making it, I realised that there is a simpler method of construction for this block.  Story of my life!  So, the simple method ....

Make ten half square units in white/purple, eight in dark blue/light blue, two in light blue/white.  Sew together four 4 patch units as shown in the photo, using two each of the purple/white and dark blue/light blue half square units.

Sew together two purple/white and two light blue/white half square units to make the 4 patch shown on the left.  This will appear in the middle of the Vermont quilt block.   Cut two purple and two light blue squares in half and sew them together as shown on the right to make four corner units.
Now, just put all these units together!

Sew a purple triangle to either side of one 4 patch unit.  Repeat so that you have two of these panels.  The Vermont quilt block is constructed on point so these panels will be sewn together as diagonal strips.  Do check the photos carefully to see that you have all the triangles facing the right way in relation to each other.

The central strip is made of a 4 patch unit on each end and the central unit of purple and pale blue half square units  in the middle.  Sew these three units together and then sew the two units with large purple triangles above and below the central strip.

Sew a corner unit on to each corner and that's the Vermont quilt block complete.  I'm really pleased both with how good it looks and how easy it was to construct what at first looked like quite a complicated block.

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