Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Card Trick Quilt Block

Whenever anyone mentions giving depth to quilts, I always think of the card trick quilt block. This is such an easy way to trick the eye into thinking that those cards are overlapping each other.

In fact, it is just a series of half square and quarter square triangles and the secret is of course in using colour.

This is a nine patch quilt block and the patches are sewn together in three rows of three.

You will need one fabric for the background and four fabrics for the cards. In the four card fabrics you will need one 4.1/2” square cut once along the diagonal to make two triangles and you will need one 4.7/8” square cut across both diagonals to make four triangles.

In the background fabric you will need two 4.1/2” squares cut once along the diagonal and one 4.7/8” square cut into quarters.

Sew one background large triangle to one large card triangle and repeat with the other three fabrics.

Sew one white small triangle to each of the card small triangles and then sew one green and yellow triangle together and one pink and brown triangle together. It’s important to get the triangles on the correct side of each other, so do check the photo before sewing.

The first row of patches is as shown on the right: one pink/white half square triangle unit, one brown half square triangle with a pink/white quarter square triangle unit and one brown/white half square triangle unit. Sew the two parts of the middle square together and then sew the squares together across the row.

The second row is made of three squares as shown. Sew together the two parts of each square and then sew the three squares together.

The third row is as shown. Sew the three squares together and then sew the three rows together to make an eyecatching card trick quilt block.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just going to have to velcro my butt to a chair and do another piece quilt. I haven't done one in ages. I keep talking about doing an irish chain.. it's still just talk.. blah blah blah.... so, it's time! I love the illusion this throws out. Nice!

i'm having a giveaway if you would like to put your name in. Hugs. tammy

Tawny said...

Many thanks for this, I love the look of it and am thinking of making a cushion cover for my mother in law with it.

Thank you for the You Tube Video of the no sew quilt as you go method. I will alter it slightly and whip stitch the wadding and slip stitch the backing but the actual method of putting it together will make my life so much easier.