Monday, 3 October 2011

I Spy Quilts With Flaps

I love I Spy quilts both because they are such fun to make and because they can often be used as stash busters.
I made this I Spy Quilt with flaps over each quilt block. I've used 2.1/2" wide sashing (finished size 2") between the blocks to separate the flaps from each other.

The flaps are made from a nine patch quilt block sewn to a plain 6.1/2" square on three sides so that it makes a pouch.

To make the nine patch quilt block, sew together 2.1/2" strips of fabric: one strip of dark, light, dark fabric and one strip of light, dark, light fabric. Cut these strips at 2.1/2" intervals and with right sides together sew three strips together as shown in the photo. You could sew two plain squares together (right sides together) on three sides but I just felt that a nine patch block looked good as a flap.

Turn these flap pouches right side out and press. My I Spy Quilt was made of four rows of four quilt blocks, so I needed sixteen flaps.

Now for the I Spy quilt blocks! I began by rummaging through my fabric stash to find any pictorial fabric. I cut 6.1/2" squares of any that gave me images and sewed a 6.1/2" strip of sashing fabric to the right hand side of the square. Sew these squares together in a row with four blocks to a row.

Sew one further 6.1/2" sashing strip to the left hand side of the row of quilt blocks so that the row begins and ends with a sashing strip. Pin a nine patch flap on top of each quilt block with the open end of the pouch at the top. Cut a 34" length of sashing and with right sides together sew this across the the top of the row.

For the quilt blocks I used shapes (a triangle block and a star block), applique, lots of different colours, embroidery .... anything that took my fancy, basically. The butterflies on the left were cut in felt and then sewn onto a plain square of fabric. I sewed the edge with blanket stitch and then used backstitch for the feelers.

To make this applique butterfly square, I backed the fabric with interfacing and cut out the entire shape. Then I backed some black fabric with interfacing, cut out the shape of the body and feelers only and placed this on top of the original shape. This way I had a block with layers to give texture - more to talk about with the child. To secure the butterfly I zigzagged all round.

When you have finished playing and have four rows of four quilt blocks, sew a 34" strip of sashing across the top of each row and sew this sashing strip to the bottom of the quilt block row above it. I find that it is worth pinning up the flaps of the row above so that they don't catch in the seam.

Finally sew a strip of sashing across the bottom of the quilt top and that's your I Spy Quilt ready for layering, quilting and binding.  The video shows some of the techniques:

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