Sunday, 27 November 2011

Cathedral Windows Quilted Camera Bag

Are you still looking for ideas for gifts to make?  I love the look of cathedral windows quilts but I don't think that I would have the patience to complete an entire quilt in cathedral windows.  That's why I decided to make a camera bag - not only is it really pretty, but there are enough layers of fabric to protect my camera.

To begin with you will need ten 6" squares of a light coloured fabric.  Turn under and baste a 1/4" hem all the way round.  Press with the square folded along each diagonal so that you end up with two creases to help position the folds.  Fold each corner in to the central point where the two creases intersect.

Then fold each corner in jto the centre again to make an even smaller square.  This is the basic cathedral windows quilting unit.  Repeat with all ten squares.

Take two of the squares, place them with smooth sides together and slipstitch along the edge to join them.  Repeat with all the squares to make five pairs.  As you can see, there is a square shape formed where  two squares join.  This is where you place the square of contrasting fabric which represents the glass of the cathedral window.  All the books suggest a 1.3/4" square for this stage but I actually find it easier to work with a 1.1/2" square.  You will need 27 of these pink squares.

Roll down the fold of light fabric along one edge of the pink square to cover the raw edge and slipstitch in place.  Repeat with the other three edges so that your pink square now has a curved frame.  For the triangle on either side of the square fold one of the pink squares in half along the diagonal and place with the fold along the edge of the light square.  Roll the edges down on the other two edges and slipstitch in place.

Take another pair of cathedral windows squares and place with smooth sides together on the first pair of squares.  Slipstitch along the edge to join them and you'll see that as well as the central square formed where two squares join there are also now a further two squares formed where the two pairs of squares join.

Continue sewing all five pairs of squares together and sew in the pink squares by rolling the fold of light fabric along the edges.   The photo on the right shows the cathedral windows strip with right side down.  This shows how the bag will be shaped - the bottom four squares will be the front of the bag, the next four squares where the camera is will be the back of the bag and the top two squares will be the flap.

Fold the bottom four squares up with wrong sides together and slipstitch along the edges to form the sides of the bag.  I used double thickness thread for this part.  Fold down the top two squares and with the camera inside to be sure of the fit, decide what type of fastening to use.  I used a button with a loop of ribbon.

Some of the techniques of cathedral windows quilting may be easier to watch on the video:

I really enjoyed making the bag - I always find hand sewing very relaxing - and I think it would make a really special and unusual gift.

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SewSurprising said...

Oh I am envious :) you make these look so easy. Im enjoying your blog.

ludlowquiltandsew said...

Thanks. I find most quilting is easy once you've cut it down to small steps.