Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Pieced Pansy Quilt Block

Here in the UK the days are getting shorter and shorter.  The  gardening shops are full of winter pansies so it was no great surprise when someone asked me for a pieced pansy quilt block.  When I looked around I realised that the vast majority of pansy quilt blocks are applique.  Those that aren't seem to be terribly complicated, so I decided to design a simplified version.

I decided that a yellow and black quarter square triangle unit would look good in the middle, so I placed a square each of yellow and black fabric right sides together, marked a line along the diagonal and sewed a seam 1/4" either side of the marked line.  Then I did the same again with the resulting two half square triangle units.

I ended up with two quarter square triangle units for the middle of the pansy quilt block, although obviously only one was required.  To separate out the pansy petals I used four strips of yellow fabric 2.1/2" by 5.1/2".

For the petals I cut four 5.1/2" purple squares, one 3" green square and two 2" squares.  Place these green squares in the corners of the purple square and sew along the diagonal.  Cut the excess fabric off and press the green flaps flat to make green corners to three corners of the purple square.

Make four of these petal patches and place them in the corners of the pansy quilt block with the larger green square on the corner.

Sew the patchwork pieces together in three rows and then sew the rows together.

I felt that this pieced pansy quilt block was much more simple to make than any others that I found, so I do hope you like it.

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