Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Borders For Quilt Squares

It goes without saying that I love going to quilt shows and exhibitions.  It's wonderful to see how talented and creative other quilters are, and in addition it's such a good opportunity to pick up tips:  a quilt cornerstone with a design that you hadn't thought of, a new way of sewing a butterfly .....  I've picked up some lovely ideas at quilt shows over the years.

Last week's snow reminded me of a lovely idea that I saw a few years ago at a show.  The lines around the squares in the photo are made using a paper napkin.  You could use a white napkin to surround squares with winter themes in them, a green napkin to surround floral or jungle scenes.  The squares could be embroidered, applique or just different fabric squares.

For this example I have used an 11"" square of fabric, although you could sew together much smaller squares to make your quilted wall hanging.  I placed a paper napkin on the right side of the fabric and marked a grid of 3" squares using pencil.  Then I reduced the stitch length to 1.1/2 and sewed along all the lines of the grid.  Don't forget, as I did, to change the stitch length back to normal when you have finished!

Using a wet sponge, I gently rubbed all over the fabric square.  The paper napkin disintegrates except where it is held in place by the stitching, leaving a slightly fuzzy border around the squares.  I have left a fairly chunky border here but you can also sponge more of the napkin away and leave quite a thin border attached to the stitching.  So simple, and yet really quite effective.  Great for a quilted wall hanging which won't be washed, but obviously not much good for a quilt.

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