Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Snap Bag Pattern

Compliments of the season to everyone.  I hope everyone has had a great time over the Christmas period.  I've had all three children home and it's been a wonderful time.

Earlier in the year I made a snap bag and I realise now that although I had intended to share the idea with you, I didn't actually get round to it.  The snap bag is made using an old piece of metal measuring tape for the fastening.  I didn't think it would work, but it does and it makes a great novelty bag, giving a very satisfying snapping sound when it closes.

I made a fairly normal square bag and I used fabric plaited handles to add a little interest to it.  The important point that makes this bag different from others is that I added an open ended tube of contrasting fabric - one tube for the back of the bag and one for the front.

Cut two lengths of an old metal measuring tape about 1" shorter than the width of the bag.  Try and round the edges of the tape and bind with something to cover the ends of the tape - these can be quite sharp so this step is important.

With right sides together sew one of the side seams of the bag.  This gives you a closed end of the two fabric tubes so that you can slide the tape measure lengths in to the tube and then sew the final side seam.  The right side of the tape must be facing the top fabric (the outside of the bag) in order to get the snapping effect when closing the bag.  Check that you have got the tape pieces facing the right way before you sew that final seam.

The video makes it a bit more clear:

Over  Christmas - while I had to have my sewing machine put away - I began a paper pieced hexagon quilt.  I'll show you more of that when I have done enough to warrant taking a photo.  It's going together fairly slowly, but I'm finding it very relaxing.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Hope to see you again soon.


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SewSurprising said...

This is a very clever idea, thank you so much for the "how to". Now to find the time ;)