Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bright Colours

Oh but I have had fun this week.  I was asked (some time ago) for a necktie quilt and I have really got stuck in on it this week.  I've done a dresden plate with some parts of the ties and also two other different blocks.  Now I just have to decide which way to put them all together.  I'll post my ideas when it's all done.
Then yesterday I gave a sewing lesson to a delightful lady who had never used a sewing machine.  It was quite fun to go right back to basics and she seemed really pleased with the cushion cover that she made.

I've also been looking at ideas for bright fabrics.  Sometimes I buy them because they just seem so fresh and cheerful, but then I feel that I can't put them in a traditional quilt because they would dominate the other fabrics.  I think that one solution is to use the bright colours only but tone them down with loads of white fabric.  I quite like this quilt block because the bright patchwork pieces seem to float in the white.

It's really simple to make:  start with a four patch unit of two green and two white 2.1/2" squares.  Add a yellow square and a white square above and below the four patch unit.  Make two 8.1/2" by 2.1/2" strips by sewing together a 4.1/2" by 2.1/2" strip each of yellow and white and sew these to either side of the squares.

Sew together 4.1/2" by 2.1/2" strips of blue and white and add these to the top and bottom of the block.  Finish off with 6.1/2" by 2.1/2" strips of blue and white down the sides of the block.

The block comes together really quickly and I think having plenty of white gives it a fresh and cheerful feel.  I thought at first that it was a child's quilt, but I think I would quite like such a cheerful quilt as a throw for myself.

As ever, there are loads of options if you rotate the quilt blocks, but I prefer the one shown on the right.

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