Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Partial Quilt Seams

At first sight I always think that this Bright Hopes quilt block looks like some sort of log cabin variation.  It's only when I look again that I realise that it can't be made in the traditional way because there's an overlap all the way round - a log cabin quilt block would have squares above and below the central square whereas this block has rectangles all the way round.  That, of course, is where the partial seams come in.

The starting point for the Bright Hopes quilt block is one 2.1/2" square in a light colour and four 4.1/2" by 2.1/2" rectangles getting increasingly darker.

Place the square on top of the lightest of the rectangles with right sides together.  Mark a point half way down the square on the right hand edge and sew from the top to that marked point.  The square and rectangle are now partially attached to each other.

Place the darkest rectangle across the top of the white square and grey rectangle with right sides together and sew the seam across the top.

Next to go on is the second darkest rectangle.  Lay this across the black rectangle and white square and sew in place down the right hand side.

The last patchwork piece to complete the Bright Hopes quilt block is the brown rectangle across the bottom.  Sew this to the red rectangle and white square.  The last seam to be sewn is the continuation of the partial seam that was first sewn.  By continuing the seam partially sewn between the white square and grey rectangle down to sew the grey and brown rectangles together, the quilt block is completed.

These quilt blocks can be rotated and sewn together in quite a variety of ways, giving several great options for quilt design.  They give a weave effect which I really like.

It feels strange to be back to normal now after what felt like quite a long Christmas break.  I've been trying to plan my year out but so far I haven't been too successful.  Ah well, there's always next week for planning ...

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Hope to see you again soon.
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