Friday, 20 January 2012

Quilt Binding

About a year ago I started a beginner quilt and used it as a basis for a series of articles on beginner quilting.  I beavered away happily until I had quilted it and then I came to a stop.  It remained unbound for months and months and then this week I suddenly decided to finish it.  You can see the results on
quilt binding and I am so glad that I can finally move that quilt from the UFO pile!  I daren't count to see how many more quilts are still in that pile.

I've been asked several times whether I make dvd patterns and I've always felt that the technology was beyond me.  Earlier this week I started to look into it and I was convinced fairly early on that I had been right and the technology was way beyond me.  However as the week went by I decided not to be such a wimp and I think I am beginning to work out how to do it.  I'll keep you informed.

I finished my necktie quilt which came out really well.  It will actually be a quilted wall hanging because of its size, but I used three different quilt blocks to show different ways of using neckties in quilts.  I cut the first tie without any interfacing and that was a mistake - the silk was very difficult to work with - so I used fusible interfacing for the remaining ties and that made the work quite simple.

Here's the video tutorial if you would like to see it:

That seems to have been quite a hectic week and I certainly put a few late evenings in, but it definitely made the week fly by.  It certainly hasn't stopped me itching to get started on a new project!

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