Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Valentine Gift Lavender Cushion

Stuck for Valentine gift ideas?  This lavender cushion with a ruffle edging takes no time at all to make and doesn't use much fabric either.

All that's required is two 8" squares of red fabric and a 5" strip of pink fabric cut across the width of fabric.  Oh and a generous dollop of dried lavender and toy stuffing and two 5" squares of fusible interfacing.

Cut two 5" squares of pink fabric from the ends of the 5" strip.  Back them with the interfacing and draw a heart shape on them.  Cut round the heart shape and place one on each red square with right side up.  Zigzag round the edge to secure the heart and then satin stitch all round the edge.

Cut the remaining pink fabric in half along the length to make two 2.1/2" strips and sew these together at both ends to make a loop.  With your sewing machine set at its longest length sew along one edge of the loop leaving a small gap between where the stitching starts and finishes.  With a pin mark the half way mark along each half of the loop.

Hold one of the threads and gently ease the fabric along so that it gathers.  Gather from both ends until the ruffle strip measures roughly 8" in each quarter.  Pin to the red square with the gathered edge lined up with the edge of the square.  Use the marker pins to check that you pin a quarter of the strip to each edge.

Lay the other square on top with right side down, pin carefully and sew on three and a half sides, leaving a few inches gap to turn the cushion right side out.  Pull the cushion through the gap to turn it right side out, fill with a mixture of lavender and stuffing and topstitch across the gap.

It really takes no time at all and makes a change from the usual lavender bag.

The video gives a little more detail of how it all comes together:

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DaisyChain said...

Great idea for using small its of fabric and a lovely gift, too. As usual, am inspired. Thanks!

DaisyChain said...

Whoops....bits of fabric

ludlowquiltandsew said...

I'm always amazed how many things you can make with scraps - fun to make as well.