Friday, 3 February 2012

Coffee Cup Coaster

There are some quilt blocks that are meant to depict something in particular like a cat or a barn ... or a coffee cup.  Some of them are highly stylised and it's a bit difficult to work out what they are.  Some of them look too complicated, so I decided to design my own coffee cup quilt block to be used in a coffee cup coaster.  I considered applique but then decided to piece the whole block.

I began with the cup itself and used a 3.1/2" brown square with two 1" blue squares placed in the bottom corners.  Sew a line along the diagonal and then the top triangle of the square can be folded down to give some shape to the cup.

The handle was a bit fiddly but not difficult.  Sew together 1.1/2" strips of brown, blue, brown and cut a 1" strip from this panel to make the first part of the cup handle.  Sew a 1" by 3" strip of brown down the right hand edge of the brown, blue, brown strip and you can see the shape of the handle now.

Cut two 1.1/2" by 1.1/4" blue rectangles to go above and below the handle.  Place these two rectangles so that the 1.1/2" is horizontal and the 1.1/4" vertical.  As you can probably see, I wasn't as careful as I could have been and the handle doesn't lie completely straight.  Oh well, I'll know for next time!  On the left hand side of the cup, sew a blue strip 3.1/2" by 1.1/4".

Making the saucer is an absolute breeze after coping with that handle!  Cut a brown rectangle 5.1/2" by 1.1/2" and lay a 1.1/2" blue square on each end.  Sew the diagonal and fold the top triangles down as for the base of the cup and sew the saucer to the cup.

In order to frame the coffee cup, choose any suitable fabric and cut two 5" by 2.1/2" strips for the top and the bottom.  Cut two 7.1/2" by 2.1/2" strips in the same fabric for the sides.  That's the top of the coffee cup coast complete.  It measures about 8" by 7.1/2" at this stage.  Cut the wadding and backing fabric to suit and layer:  wadding, backing with right side up and patchwork with right side down.

Sew round three and a half edges, leaving a gap to turn the coaster right side out.  After you've pushed the coaster through the gap, gently push out the corners and then turn under a small hem across the gap and top stitch all the way round the coaster.

It's relatively easy to make the coffee cup quilt block and I think it makes a really distinctive coaster - great for gifts.

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