Monday, 20 February 2012

Creating Depth In Quilt Blocks

Quilt block patterns come in all shapes and sizes.  Some quilt blocks are constructed using several smaller quilt blocks together, some are simple four patch or nine patch blocks, some create secondary designs when several of them are added together - and some have an amazing three dimensional look just on their own.

This raised block quilt block is a prime example of creating depth.  It is broadly the courthouse steps quilt block with a few alterations and I love the way that it looks so three dimensional.

The quilt block begins with standard courthouse steps piecing:  a 2.1/2" white square in the middle with a cream 2.1/2" square above and below and a cream 6.1/2" strip on either side.  This is then surrounded with a frame of light brown made using two 6.1/2" strips and two 10.1/2" strips.

The next round of strips is where the quilt block pattern changes from a standard courthouse steps.  Cut a pink and a dark brown 10.1/2" strip and place a black 2.1/2" square on the right hand end of the pink strip and on the left hand end of the dark brown strip.  Sew these black squares along the diagonal and snip off the excess triangles.  You can then fold the black triangle over the diagonal seam to complete the rectangle again.  You also need a 2.1/2" half square triangle made with one pink and one brown triangle.

Sew the brown strip to the top of the quilt block.  Sew the half square triangle to the top of the pink strip and then sew the whole strip to the right hand side of the quilt block. 

Finish with a round of black strips on every edge:  two at 12.1/2" long for the top and bottom and two at 16.1/2" long for the sides.

It's the combination of the colour placement and those extra black triangles that make this block look so much like a raised block.  I think it's a delightful example of optical illusions with fabric.

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SewSurprising said...

Were would we be without colour :) sometimes its easy to forget exactly what can be achieved with colour :)

ludlowquiltandsew said...

We are so lucky to have so many colourful fabrics to choose from.