Friday, 10 February 2012

Hourglass Scrap Quilt Block

I can't think where this week has gone.  I began the week trying to organise my fabric stash before it grows and has so many babies that it takes over the house altogether.  The trouble was that I kept getting sidetracked with ideas for ways to use the stash:  there are so many quilt block patterns out there that are ideal for scrap fabrics.

This one is called Hourglass and it just screams out for lots of lovely different fabrics.  I used a light background and chose red for the hourglass part of the quilt block and then just used lots of different fabrics for the rest of the block.

The entire block is made using half square triangle units only.  If you have enough fabric you can make several half square triangle units in different fabrics and then spread them around the blocks.  The photo shows the basic patchwork squares that are used in every block.

Once those squares have been laid out you can use any fabrics to fill in the other parts of the block and create a real rainbow of colours.  It's a lovely block and I can't wait to keep going and make enough of them for a quilt.

Of course once I had started playing with quilt block patterns I couldn't stop.  This one is called cake stand although it looks pretty much like all the basket quilt blocks, so I couldn't resist putting some floral fabric in to make a flower basket.

I did manage to make quite an inroad on my stash as well as playing with quilt blocks, so it wasn't totally a wasted week.  I now have designated boxes for 2.1/2", 2.7/8" and so on - I suspect that it won't take me too long to fill them.

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