Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Alaska Quilt Block Pattern

Isn't this a pretty quilt block pattern?  Over a period of time I am developing a list of quilt block patterns that are named for the states of the USA and I think this Alaska quilt block is one that I will definitely be including in a quilt some time soon.  I think that I can see lots of secondary designs emerging when several of these are put together.

The quilt block is symmetrical in all directions so I made two identical halves and sewed them together.  This is classified as a four patch quilt block pattern and for simplicity I have made it using eight rows of eight patches.  As with many quilt block patterns, it could be constructed in several different ways, for example with one large square in each corner rather than four small ones.

The fabric requirements are:
white fabric:  eight 2.1/2" squares, twelve 2.7/8" squares
pale blue fabric:  twenty four 2.1/2" squares, eight 2.7/8" squares
royal blue fabric:  twelve 2.7/8" squares.

The 2.7/8" squares are all used to make half square triangle units in the following combinations:  eight royal blue/pale blue, eight pale blue/white and sixteen royal blue/white units.

Once the half square triangle units have been made it's just a case of sewing the patchwork pieces together in pairs, joining the pairs together across each row and then sewing the rows together. 

Make another panel the same and then sew the two panels together to make a really attractive quilt block.  I'll show you the results when I make enough of them to put together to make a quilt.

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