Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Barbara Fritchie Star quilt block

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I didn't realise that Wednesdays would come round so quickly!  The beginning of the week was taken up with finishing my Table for Four quilt to send out a newsletter from the website. 

When I put it together there were all sorts of secondary designs showing up which really pleased me - I love the way that you can start with one simple block and finish up with all sorts of designs showing up in the quilt.

So what's in progress?  Well, I managed to do a few more hexagons.  I began these at Christmas when I had to put my sewing machine away.  They are paper pieced but I don't have the patience to do those tiny paper pieced hexagons that you often see.  I haven't quite decided what I'll make with them yet, but I need to do quite a few more before I need to worry about that!

The one thing that I did make which will be somewhere in my next quilt is a Barbara Fritchie star.  It's so pretty and so easy to make that I'm determined to think up a quilt that will show it off.  The quilt block itself has a fascinating history - Barbara Fritchie was a real person as opposed to all the columnists who wrote quilt columns under pen names like Nancy Cabot or Nancy Page. 

If you look carefully you'll see that the middle of the block is a blue and red pinwheel and then there's a layer of half square triangles around that pinwheel.  I made the half square triangles from 3.7/8" squares and that gives a 12" block which I always think is a nice size to work with.

Now I just have to decide how and where to use the block.

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audreypawdrey said...

The quilt at the top is lovely! I also really like your star. It is so neat to see how blocks are broken down into simple shapes.:)

ludlowquiltandsew said...

Thanks, Audrey. Quilt blocks are often a lot simpler than they look, aren't they?