Sunday, 8 April 2012

Burgoyne Lap Quilt Pattern

Yes, another lap quilt pattern.  I've started a section for lap quilt patterns on the website and it looks a little empty so I'm working at adding more patterns to the section.  This one is based on the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt block pattern, but instead of red, blue and white I've used some completely different fabrics.  It has ended up 36" square including the border.

The overall quilt block uses several very simple blocks.  I sewed together a 2.1/2" strip of lilac and green and cut it into 2.1/2" strips which were sewn together for the four patch units.  You need four of these.

I sewed together a 2.1/2" strip of purple and lilac fabrics and used 2.1/2" strips of this together with some extra squares to make the nine patch units.
Note that the purple forms a full diagonal and the green partially forms the other diagonal.  You need four of these.

From the purple/lilac strip I also cut two 4.1/2" lengths and one 2.1/2" length to make the block shown.  There are four of these in the Burgoyne lap quilt.

The top and bottom rows are the same as each other, with a four patch unit, a lilac 6.1/2" by 4.1/2" rectangle, one of the purple/lilac blocks as above and then another lilac rectangle and four patch unit. 

The second and second from bottom rows are also the same as each other.  They are made with a 6.1/2" by 4.1/2" rectangle, a nine patch unit, a 10.1/2" by 6.1/2" lilac rectangle, then another nine patch unit and 6.1/2" by 4.1/2" lilac rectangle.

As you can see, the circle is beginning to form and there's just the middle row to complete now.

You obviously only need one of these and it's made using one of those purple/lilac blocks on each side, then a 10.1/2" by 6.1/2" rectangle on each side and in the middle there are four 4.1/2" green squares separated by 2.1/2" lilac strips (two at 4.1/2" and one at 10.1/2").  Don't you agree it's a lovely simple quilt block to make!

For the border I used 6.1/2" by 3.1/2" strips of purple fabric alternating with strips made from 1.1/2" strips of purple, green or lilac, purple.  I made four of these the same and sewed one to the top and the bottom of the lap quilt.

For the sides I added a 3.1/2" green square to each end of the border strips as cornerstones and then sewed them to the sides.

I'm really pleased with how it looks as a lap quilt and there are lots of lovely open spaces for quilting.

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