Sunday, 29 April 2012

Daisy Snowball Quilt Pattern

I got quite carried away this weekend.  The weather here in Ludlow was so foul that there was no great temptation to go out anywhere so I was able to spend all weekend at my sewing machine.

Every now and again it's good to go back to basics.  The snowball and nine patch quilt blocks must be among the oldest quilt blocks around, but they can still provide enchanting quilts.

I made the snowball part of the block using 2.7/8" squares in pink and blue for the half square triangle units, two blue 2.1/2" squares and a blue rectangle 6.1/2" by 2.1/2".  I know that the fabric looks red but it really is pink in real life!

To go with the snowball I made the same number of nine patch units by sewing together pink, blue, pink 2.1/2" strips of fabric and blue, green, blue 2.1/2" strips.  Cut these at 2.1/2" intervals and sew together to make the nine patch unit.

Sew these two blocks together to make one 12" by 6" block and then join them together by alternating the blocks across each row - one row starting with the snowball part of the block and the row beneath it starting with the nine patch part of the block.

I began the quilt thinking in terms of daisies which is why I went for those colours - pink daisy, green for the middle of the daisy and blue for the sky in the background.  In fact when I put several blocks together the daisy wasn't nearly as prominent as I thought it would be - all the circles and grids show up more strongly.  Still going to be a great quilt, though.

In between times I was also working on the quilt that will be the focus of the newsletter going out from the website later this week ....

... and I also made a T tessellation quilt that is on its way to becoming a quilted bed runner.

Quite a productive weekend, but I would have preferred at least some decent weather so that I could get out and about!

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I hope to see you again soon.

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