Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Passport bag

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I haven't managed a blog post since last Wednesday and I haven't managed to do much quilting this week - but I have had a wonderful few days in Prague with my daughter.  What a beautiful city!  We walked for miles but it was well worth it.

One thing that I found really useful was the compartment bag that I had made for passport and travel documents.  It is tied with ribbon but has two zipped compartments inside which kept my documents safe and secure.  I made it in bright colours so that I could find it easily in my luggage without lots of rummaging around.

I used 15" by 10" rectangles, one in top fabric, one in batting and one in lining fabric.  I used two 10" zips and about 30" of ribbon.  The compartments were made with two 10" by 6" blue rectangles.

Lay the top fabric with right side down, then the batting, then the lining fabric with right side up.

 The zips are added first to the blue rectangles and then these are sewn to the three layers of the bag.  Lay one zip right side up and place one blue rectangle on top of it with right side down and the left hand edges of the zip and the rectangle lined up.  Sew the zip and fabric together using your zipper foot and fold the fabric across to the left so that the raw edges are hidden.  This will form the left hand compartment.

For the right hand compartment repeat the process but with the right hand edges lined up.  Place these two zip/blue fabric pieces on the three layers of the bag with the zips towards the middle and the edges of the blue lined up with the edges of the bag.

Sew the free edges of the zips to the bag and then sew a series of lines about 1/4" apart across the gap between the two zips.  This holds everything in place and strengthens the spine of the bag.

Bind the bag as for a quilt.  I find that it's best to sew the binding to the inside of the bag and then flip it to the outside.  That way you can be sure that you don't sew over the ends of the zips.

This is what the completed bag looks like on the inside - with my passport peeking out from one of the compartments.

Sew a length of ribbon across the outside of the bag for fastening and you have a bag with secure compartments which I found really useful while I was away.

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