Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Quilt Border Mishap

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Another Wednesday arrives and I have several things that I should be finishing soon.  I've begun a baby quilt which uses a really simple design but looks quite impressive.  The quilt top was really easy but then I made a mountain out of a molehill with the border.

The quilt was made using the Pleasure Paths quilt block - four of them - and it went together like a dream.  In fact it was so quick that I thought that I could allow a little more time for a quilt border.

So I made a huge pile of half square triangles and made them into squares on point for the border and pinwheels for the cornerstones.  It looks gorgeous but I didn't plan my measurements well enough.  I just assumed that it would fit because I was using the same size blocks as I'd used in the quilt top.  In fact, I've ended up needing a half block or a plain block (I haven't decided yet) at the other end of the border strips - the ones that you can't see!  Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

While I was on simple quilt block patterns I made a stripes and squares quilt block for a table centrepiece.  I'm going to quilt the brown squares quite densely to make the blue lines show up and then I can use it for flower vases and such like.

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The Thompsons said...

It's beautiful! I've totally done that before - I think of a cool idea for the borders and then my measuring is off or something happens and it becomes a major headache.

Teresa F. said...

Great quilt. I love it.