Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sewing Machine Mat

Obviously I spend a lot of time making quilts, but sometimes I make quilt blocks up just to see how they look or because I like the look of them  or I like the name ........  Pretty sad, really!  Occasionally I get carried away and make something useful and that's when I treat myself to something like a pin cushion or a mat for the sewing machine to sit on.

I'd always intended to make something to go under the machine to stop it slipping, protect the table and muffle the sound a little.  I know that very little of the sewing machine mat shows, but I still wanted to make something pretty.

My machine is broadly 8" by 16" so it made sense to put two 8" blocks side by side.  I rather like the four patch and square block because you can make it look as though there are squares behind squares.

I used stash fabric as there was so little fabric required, just white plus any light, medium and dark fabric.  For each block I cut two 4.1/2" squares from the darkest fabric,  four 2.1/2" squares from the medium fabric and two 2.1/2" squares each from the light and the white fabrics.  By placing the smaller squares in the order shown you can make it look as though there's a a medium (grey) square behind the red square. 

Sew the small squares together to make four patch units and then sew these to the red squares.  Make two of these.  If your sewing machine is bigger than mine or if you wanted a bigger mat anyway, you could use 3.1/2" small squares and 6.1/2" large squares.

Once I had completed the top of the sewing machine mat I layered it with batting and backing fabric (also from my scraps) and bound it as for any quilt.  Even though it doesn't show, I'm really pleased that I've finally made something that's been at the back of my mind ever since I bought my new sewing machine.

I've submitted tutorials to Fave Crafts in the past and they've been kind enough to publish them.  I love the way that they have such an incredible variety of crafts and cover such a wide range of skill levels.  Their site is well worth a visit.

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