Monday, 28 May 2012

Arrowhead Lap Quilt Pattern

Sometimes quilt block patterns are so pretty in their own right that it's worth making them up in a large size to be a one block quilt.  That's how I felt about the Arrowhead quilt block.  It's a four patch quilt block attributed to the Kansas City Star from around the 1930's.

I made it with 1.1/4 yards of pink fabric and 3/4 yard of cream fabric, using 4.1/2" squares with 4.7/8" squares for the half square triangle units.

There's a nine patch unit in each corner and I made this using three pink squares along the diagonal with two cream squares and two cream rectangles 8.1/2" by 4.1/2". 

On the edges of the central square there are units made with four half square triangle units and one pink rectangle 8.1/2" by 4.1/2".  The half square triangles were made by placing together a pink and a white 4.7/8" square with right sides together, marking the diagonal and sewing a 1/4" seam either side of the line.  Cutting along the line produces two half square triangle units.

The middle of the quilt block is an 8.1/2" square and I made this by sewing together two 8.1/2" by 4.1/2" rectangles.  I had already cut 4.1/2" strips across the width of fabric for the squares, so it made sense to use these up rather than cutting an 8.1/2" square.

Sew all these blocks together in rows and then sew the rows together.  Take care to rotate the nine patch units so that the pink squares follow the diagonals and the pink arrows point towards the middle.

To save time, I sewed the three borders together in strips and then cut them into 32.1/2" lengths.  I've used 2.1/2" strips of pink with a 1.1/2" strip of cream fabric between them.  Of course the drawback of sewing the borders together before attaching them is that you can't just sew them to the quilt top or you'll have the corners looking decidedly odd.

The remedy for this is to add cornerstones.  In this case I have used 5.1/2" cream squares.  Sew a length of border to the top and bottom of the quilt and sew a cornerstone to the top and bottom of the two remaining strips before sewing them to the sides of the quilt.

I've made a short video of how I made the quilt:

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