Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hummingbird Quilt Block

I've sort of finished my elephant quilted wall hanging - just the binding to go and that will have to wait until the weekend.  I decided on a simple mitred quilt border using the same red.  I've written the instructions up now and you can see them on elephant quilted wall hanging.

The quilting on the elephant took longer than I expected so I have only started one other project these last few days.  When I say started, I mean I have made one block, liked it, and now have to decide what I'd like to make with it.  One of its names is Hummingbird.  That was given to it by Comfort Magazine but various other magazines of the time published it under a variety of names - I'll stick with hummingbird because that's so pretty.

It's a two colour quilt block and I've made it 12", using 2.1/2" squares with 2.7/8" squares for the half square triangles.

For each block you'll need four 2.7/8" squares in each fabric for the half square triangles on the edges, two 4.7/8" squares for the half square triangles in the middle and four lilac rectangles 6.1/2" by 2.1/2".

The hummingbird quilt block needs to be sewn together in quarters rather than in rows.  Sew the small half square triangles together in pairs and then sew one pair to eaach of the large half square triangle units.  Sew a lilac rectangle to each half square triangle unit and then sew the top two and the bottom two quarters together.  Sew both halves together to complete the block.  Now, I just have to decide where to use my hummingbirds.

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