Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jack In The Box Quilt

You'd think that by now I'd be used to all the lovely secondary designs that turn up when you sew several quilt blocks together, but I was amazed to see this star forming when I made several of the humble Jack in the Box quilt blocks.  I rather feel now that I should always make several of any quilt block just to see what appears when they are sewn together.

This was the start of it all:  four half square triangle units.  Two of them are made with dark fabric and background fabric.  The other two use a medium and a light fabric, both with background fabric.  I've made these using 4.7/8" squares and to make the quilt you will need sixteen squares each of dark with background fabric, eight squares each of medium and background fabric and eight squares each of light and background fabric.  You will also need four 4.1/2" red squares and sixteen brown rectangles 8.1/2" by 4.1/2".

Each quarter of the quilt is made using four of the half square triangle blocks, four rectangles and one square.  Note that the half square triangle blocks are rotated so that the large triangle formed with the dark fabric is first on top then on the right, the bottom and the left as you move around the square.

Sew the two top squares and rectangle together to form one row of the quilt.  Sew the two rectangles and red square together for the middle row.  Sew the two squares and rectangle together to form the bottom row.  Make four of these blocks and when you sew them together you'll see that wonderful star appearing.  This quilt measures 40" square.

I suspect that I may well spend the rest of the afternoon with the tv on to watch the royal pageant on the Thames for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.  Better find myself some hand sewing to do.

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Connie (CJ) Griffin said...

I love it when unexpected patterns turn up, too!

I'm wondering now, how you'll quilt this one...focus on the block you made, the design the emerged, or an overall?