Sunday, 15 July 2012

Crowning Glory Quilt Block

The London 2012 Olympics are approaching so quickly that I thought that it was time I looked among my quilt blocks for something appropriate.  I found the crowning glory which seemed suitable - especially when I made it in fabrics representing gold, silver and bronze.

To make it as a 12" block I used a 4.1/2" gold square in the centre surrounded by first bronze, then silver and then bronze again.  The white and silver squares are 2.1/2" and the half square triangles are made from 2.7/8" squares - four squares each of bronze and white and eight squares each of bronze and silver.

While I was tinkering with quilt block patterns, I also made another one that has been on my to do list for ages - the memory quilt block.  I love the way the star seems to explode outwards.

It has a similar construction to the crowning glory block in that there's a 4.1/2" square in the middle and it's made in six rows of six squares.  Once again I used 2.1/2" squares with 2.7/8" squares for the half square triangle units.  I think that if I make it again I'll use something like red for the central star and fading colours spreading out from there.

My quilting now has to take second place while I make a few cotton skirts for my daughter for her trip to India later this week.  Oh to be young again!

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