Tuesday, 17 July 2012

L Quilt Block

Sometimes when you look at a quilt block you know it's going to look completely different when several of the blocks are sewn together.  That's what I felt about the L quilt block as soon as I saw it.  I don't usually make quilts with a lot of yellow in them, but this time it seemed to work.

This is the individual L quilt block.  There's an orange square in the V between the yellow and brown which doesn't show up very well - I should have used a much stronger colour there, but you can see why I thought that all those strong brown lines would give a different design when the quilt was sewn together.

To make this quilt block pattern, you need eight 2.1/2" lemon squares and the rest of the block is made using 2.7/8" squares for half square triangles:  two squares each in brown and orange, eight squares each in brown and lemon and four squares each in lemon and yellow.

My main work in progress is a quilt using half square triangles in fading colours and fading sizes.  Still very much in the planning stage at the moment - do I alternate the direction of the half square triangles, do I begin with a pinwheel in the middle?  It certainly helps having a board that I can pin everything to and then leave it there for a while to keep looking at.

The lovely Rosie at Seek It Out is going to stock the kits for my Celtic wall hanging and she's asked for ideas for miniature wall hangings for beginners.  These two are intended to be a landscape and a seascape.  They are more dependant on the fabric than on quilting skills.

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Foolish Feathers said...

Great job on your block construction!

Patricia said...

I like the L block. I have not seen that on before, where did you find the block?

Taryn said...

Beautiful block! I love how it looks when they are all together! Thank you for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

Rose Smith said...

Thanks, Foolish Feathers. My seams aren't always too accurate!

Hi Patricia, I'm a sucker for quilt block patterns and books. I think that this one was in Maggie Malone's 5,500 quilt block book.

Thanks, Taryn. I always enjoy seeing everyone's WIP Wednesdays.