Monday, 23 July 2012

Owl Quilt Block

This quilt block is from the Kansas City Star and obviously it was the name that attracted me.  I'm just not sure that I can figure out the owl - or are there four owls?

I've made it as a 12" block using 2.1/2" squares or 2.7/8" squares for the half square triangles.  There are a few rectangles in the middle which makes it a bit different to construct.

The only way to get the dark brown square into the middle of the quilt block was to surround it with 1.1/2" rectangles, two at 1.2.1/2" long and two at 4.1/2" long.  That way the combined size is the same as two 2.1/2" squares.

Apart from that, it's a straightforward quilt block to construct once you've made the half square triangles - and there aren't even as many of them as in some quilt block patterns.  I used four squares each in light brown and white for the half square triangles, nine 2.1/2" dark brown squares and eight each light brown and white 2.1/2" squares.

The project that I'm working on at the moment is called Weathervane and Steeple and it's a Nancy Cabot nine patch quilt block.  It's quite unusual looking in its own right, but it also does lovely things when you put several of them together.  I'll let you see it when I've finished the quilt.

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