Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dresden Plate Flowers

I think that I have neglected my blog this week - too much excitement with the Olympics in full swing.  What amazing and committed people these competitors are.

I've always loved dresden plate designs but sometimes a complete dresden plate takes up too much space - unless you make the segments really short.  The other option is to make quarter plates and that's quite good fun.

Always anxious to use up fabric scraps, I made these quarter dresden plates from 2.1/2" squares.  I cut fifteen segments altogether so that I could have three of them.  Usually I put them in a corner, but the third one this time is in the middle of the edge, just so that you can see that it is possible.

Sew the segments together using a 1/4" seam and place them on the backing fabric.  I have sewn them in place using stitch in the ditch, just stitching across close to the edge to get from one segment to another.

I know that it doesn't show up too well in the photo, but I have satin stitched across the top of the dresden plate quarters and for the one that's not in a corner I have satin stitched down the sides as well.  I used a fairly narrow satin stitch, about 3 on my machine.

When adding the centre, the only important part is to have a decent curve where the centre covers the bottom of the segments.  Most dresden plate templates come with a circle template, but if not you can always just draw around a glass.  The other edge of the centre doesn't matter because you can trim it to size after you've sewn it into place.  Sew it in place using the same satin stitch as used on the outer edge of the dresden plate.

Finally add something pretty in the middle.  I drew a butterfly silhouette and then went over my drawing with a small zigzag stitch.

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