Monday, 13 August 2012

Folded Log Cabin Quilt Block

I love log cabin quilt blocks anyway, but the folded log cabin is a delightful variation and really easy to make.  The logs are double thickness because they are folded and that gives a lovely feeling of depth to the block.  It needs to be made on a calico backing (muslin in America) and I used an 8" square because I happened to have one that size already cut.  It is thought to originate from the Isle of Man and is often called Manx folded log cabin quilt block.

Fold the calico and press along both diagonals.  This is just to create creases to help locate the first square.  This is a 4.1/2" square which is placed right side up in the middle.  The corners of the square line up with the diagonal creases to make sure that it's right in the middle.

For the logs of this folded log cabin block cut 2.1/2" strips in both light and dark fabrics and press them in half along the length, giving folded strips 1.1/4" wide.  The first four logs (two light and two dark) are 4.1/2" long.  Lay the first one with the fold towards the middle and the raw edges in line with the edge of the square.  Sew in place using a 1/2" seam.  Continue adding one log to each edge of the square.

The first log of the next round is 4.1/2" long.  Place it so that the fold is 1/2" down from the fold of the log underneath it.  For this first log of the second round I used my tape measure but after that I just placed the logs by eye.  Sew in place using a 1/2" seam.

The next log is 5" long.  Sew it in the same way.  Continue with the next two dark logs which are 5" and 5.1/2" long.

Continue addings as many rounds of logs as you wish.  The next logs are 5.1/2", 6", 6", 6.1/2", 6.1/2", 7", 7", 7.1/2".  Once you've got into the swing of it, it's a really quick log cabin block to make.  If you're planning on turning it into a cushion (as I was) you don't need to do any measuring as it won't matter if the log cabin block is a little bigger or smaller.  I'm going to add a border now to make it up to 10" for a cushion cover or bag.

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