Saturday, 22 September 2012

Box Table Runner

I've made this quilted table runner using the box quilt block.  It measures 16" by 48" and I've used three blocks to make it. 

The block is best made in quarters rather than rows.  The white squares are 4.1/2", the pink/white half square triangles are made from 2.7/8" squares and the rectangles around the squares are either 4.1/2" by 2.1/2" or 6.1/2" by 2.1/2".  The light blue and dark pink go on opposite sides of two of the squares and the dark blue and light pink are on the other two sides.

Sew the patches together in pairs and then gradually build up each quarter.  Sew the quarters together and then make two more blocks the same.  Sew the three blocks together in a row, then layer, quilt and bind as for a quilt.  It's a nice cheerful pattern and could probably also be used as a scrapbuster with a greater variety of colours.

I've also made a scrappy draught excluder for the front door.  It tends to let the wind in and with winter approaching I thought that it was time that I did something about it.

I made three rows of eight blocks each, alternating four patch units with plain squares (all from stash), then folded it in half and sewed two and a half sides, leaving a gap to turn it right side out.

I filled it with just about anything - scraps of fabric, scraps of wadding cut up until it was loosely filled and then slipstitched across the gap to close it.  I didn't want to use lentils or anything like that for the filling because I wasn't sure what would happen to them if they got damp, but I think that they would probably have made a better filling.  Oh well, we live and learn.

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