Sunday, 16 September 2012

Quilted Toaster Cover

It's always good to find inexpensive things to make for gifts so I was thrilled when I managed to make this toaster cover from scraps.  I even pieced the wadding from scraps, so it was very cheap to make and looks lovely and cheerful in my kitchen.

I used one hundred and twelve 2.1/2" squares from my stash, chosen randomly, I made two panels three squares by four and one panel eleven squares by eight.  The two small panels cover the sides of the toaster and the large panel goes up the front, over the top and down the back of the toaster.

I layered the panels with wadding first then backing fabric right side up and patchwork panel right side down.  Sew round three and a half edges so that you can turn the panels right side out through the gap.  Trim the wadding and backing and snip the corners and then turn the panels out. 

Turn under a small hem and slipstitch the gaps closed.  Topstitch and quilt - I just quilted in the ditch along the seam lines, then sew the three sides of one small panel to one long side of the large panel.

When that is complete, repeat on the other side with the second small panel to complete the toaster cover.  It's really quick and cheap to make and would make a great gift.

What else have I been up to?  I've added several more quilt block patterns to the website. The one on the left is called Roads to Berlin and I think it would look great in a quilt - when time permits .....

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