Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Season's Greetings

Bethlehem star quilt pattern
My seasonal best wishes to all.  I hope you had as delightful a day yesterday as I did.  My fridge is full of leftover Christmas meal and once I have decided how best to use that up I shall feel free to get back to sewing.  Just before Christmas I finished the Bethlehem Star quilt pattern shown, which seemed appropriate.  Now I'm working on a Cat in the Window quilt as a symbol of looking forward to the New Year.

Market square quilt block
Over the last few months (I'm ashamed of how long it is since I last posted on this blog) I've been building up my list of quilt block patterns and this is one of the newer blocks.  It's called Market Square and it's a lovely vibrant block which is easier to make than it looks.  I think that one of my new year resolutions must be to organise my list of quilt block patterns and split them up into categories so that individual blocks are more easy to find.

I love this time of year - in the break between Christmas and New Year I like to sit back and take stock of where I've been this past year and where I'm going in the coming year:  that's both figuratively and literally.  This year I managed two short breaks away with my daughter - one to Prague and one to Marrakech, but now that she's working full time that may not be an option any more.  I'm hoping to do a lot more travelling around the UK next year - both looking for quilting visits and just to visit the many beautiful places waiting out there.  My camera will always be at my side!

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